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Ducks Flying away in winter

Our Duck Hunting Blinds on Reelfoot Lake

Here at HD Guide Service, we have two duck hunting blinds on Reelfoot Lake, located in Northwest Tennessee. Both of our duck hunting blinds are used for guided duck hunts. You can view our daily rates here. Our blinds are located in a prime Tennessee location. Hunting with a knowledgeable guide has multiple advantages and is an experience you will never forget. Let’s check out the differences between our duck hunting blinds.

The Buck Brush Blind

The first duck hunting blind on Reelfoot Lake is The Buck Brush Blind. This blind can fit up to ten hunters comfortably and safely and features a full kitchen so hunting all day is not an issue. When you are hunting with HD Guide Service you are provided with 2 meals in the blind. Plus, you can have all the drinks and snacks you want in this blind! In The Buck Brush Blind, you can hunt different species of ducks like, Mallards, Green-Wing Teal, Wood Ducks, Gadwalls, Pintail, Shovelers, and Specklebelly Geese.

Blind 1 HD Guide Service

The Timber Hole Blind

The next duck hunting blind on Reelfoot Lake is The Timber Hole Blind. It also can accommodate up to ten hunters. This blind also features a full kitchen and heat. If you are looking to stay comfortable and warm, this is the duck hunting blind for you. This blind is in the perfect location to watch beautiful sunrises as you call the ducks in. The typical species you can hunt in this duck hunting blind are Mallards, Green-Wing Teal, Wood Ducks, and Gadwalls.

Reelfoot Lake HD Guide Service

Are you interested in hunting in one of our duck hunting blinds on Reelfoot Lake? Contact us to book your trip! When you book a hunt with HD Guide Service, it includes a one night stay. We have lodging from hotel rooms to full houses.