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The 2021/2022 duck season was definitely one for the record books! Both blinds had exceptional seasons. We got to enjoy several days in the blind with our good friends and repeat clients. We also had the opportunity to have new clients join us on the water and start relationships that will last for years to come. The season started out good with several birds holding on the local state and federal refuges. As the season progressed and the colder weather moved in, we began to see greater concentrations of ducks on Reelfoot Lake and in the surrounding area.  The season finished as strong as it started with good numbers of mallards in the area. There is nothing like seeing those mallards coming down in the timber. We have definitely been blessed with another great year on Reelfoot Lake. We have already began booking hunts for the 2022/2023 seasons. Don’t wait until it’s to late to book your days. Come join us in the blind for a hunt and experience that you will remember for a lifetime!